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Services provided by Avesta Agency include translation of subtitles. We translate subtitles not only for feature films and documentaries, but also for any video materials at your request.


Video is the most accessible and popular source of information in the modern age of technology. These can be presentation videos, video tutorials, webinars, and much more. Brands and organizations create videos for their colleagues and partners around the world.

Translation of subtitles, titles and descriptions of your videos is an effective way to distribute your materials to users from different countries, and to increase the audience and number of views internationally.


When translating subtitles, specialists are required not only to have an excellent command of working languages, but also to take into account the features and subjects covered in a video. It is necessary to convey the meaning of the original message without missing important information, as well as observe certain restrictions on the number of words. One more important factor is focusing on the intended target audience. High-quality subtitles are clear, concise and easy to read. They are perfectly combined with the video sequence and do not distract the audience's attention.


  • Quality assurance including work of qualified specialists and the ability to make highly specialized translations of any complexity
  • Meeting deadlines and willingness to work urgently
  • Provision of all necessary accounting documents (contract, receipts, certificate of acceptance)
  • Convenient payment methods for both legal entities and individuals


The process of creating and translating subtitles is divided into the following stages:

  1.  Upload video and audio sequences to a special program.
  2.  Translate subtitles setting timecodes and taking into account frame changes and line lengths.
  3.  Edit and check subtitles for compliance with a target audience.
  4.  Proofread subtitles and correct typos and mistakes.
  5.  Send the finished translation to the client in SRT, Word or any other format as agreed.


At our agency, you can have subtitles translated from English into Russian and from Russian into English.




Translation into Russian

300 rubles/1 minute

Translation into English

350 rubles/1 minute

Subtitle Editing

50 rubles/1 minute


It will take 2-4 days to translate a video up to 30 minutes, and 5-7 days to translate a video from 30 minutes. You can contact us by e-mail, phone or come to our office in Yekaterinburg to calculate the exact cost and terms.