Do you specialize in any specific subjects?
During our period of operation, we had a chance to work with texts on absolutely different subjects. When distributing orders between translators, their knowledge of a particular professional area is taken into account. All translated texts are checked by an experienced editor. Only such an approach lets Avesta Translation Agency guarantee high-quality results in the shortest possible time.
Is it possible to certify a translation with the seal of the translation agency and translator's signature instead of notarization?
Yes, it is. This option is most often needed to submit documents to foreign countries, their consulates and embassies when applying for a visa.
What is the minimum time to order interpretation?
The minimum order of this service is 3 hours.
What if one needs to translate a text from a foreign language into a foreign language?
In this case, the cost is calculated via translation into Russian.
What is the standard translation speed?
The standard speed of translation from/into a foreign language is 10 thousand characters per day. The speed may vary depending on the complexity and subject of the text.
Is it possible to order an urgent translation?
It is certainly possible; a shorter period is discussed separately. In this case, the cost may increase from 20 to 100%.
How can I pay for my order?
We work on the prepayment basis. You can pay in cash in our office, online via our website or by a card-to-card transfer. In the case of legal entities, the service can be paid by bank transfer by transferring money to our account. There is a system of discounts for our constant clients. For more information, please, contact our managers by phone or e-mail. It is possible to start the process of translation without prepayment for our constant clients.
Is it possible to order an test translation?
If desired, we can make a test translation of 1000 characters from/into a foreign language for you.
Does your office have a license?
In accordance with Article 12 of Federal Law No. 99-FZ of May 04, 2011 (amended on December 30, 2015) On Licensing of Certain Activities, the provision of translation services from foreign languages is not an activity, for which a license is required. The list specified in Art. 12 of the above Federal Law is exhaustive. Introduction of licensing of other types of activities is possible only through additions to the list of types of activities provided by the specified Federal Law.
I had my translation done by you a few days (months, years) ago. Now I need it again, but I do not have its original/copy. Can you help?
Translations ordered from us are stored for an unlimited time period. You can get them on request. However, we do not store copies of your personal documents.
Will I get a discount if I contact you again or place a large-volume order?
Yes, we provide volume discounts as well as discounts to our constant clients.
I ordered the translation of all the passport pages, but since then some stamps and marks have been added to my passport. Is it possible to file one more page to my old translation?
It is strictly prohibited to do so. It is necessary to make the translation again and to notarize it again. There is a 50% discount on retranslation of a document.
Do I need an original document to certify a translation by a notary?
The majority of the notaries of our city require to show them the original of a translated document to reconcile it with its copy. Realizing that it is not always possible to provide original documents, some notaries meet translators and their clients halfway. Nevertheless, we recommend you to have the original documents with you to reduce the certification time.
May any notary certify your translation?
No, only the notary with whom our translator has an agreement may do this. All notaries with whom we work are located within a 5-minute walk from our office and are always happy to certify our translations.
Is it only the owner of a document who may order a translation and notarize it?
Anyone may order a translation of any document and notarize it.
May I translate a document myself if I have a good command of a language?
Yes, if you are confident in your skills, bring your translation in electronic form or send it to our e-mail, we will check it and certify with a 50% discount off the translation cost. (Translations of automated translation systems such as Google Translate are not accepted for editing). See translation requirements.