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Translation of legal texts is one of the services offered by Avesta Agency. It requires extreme precision and attention to detail. Any inaccuracies may adversely affect a transaction with foreign partners. We are ready to help Russian businessmen and foreign organizations to make accurate and legally correct documents similar to the original.

It is not always possible to translate (or immediately draw up) a normative act, contract or patent immediately in a foreign language. This requires specific skills and keen understanding of the legal vocabulary. Contact Avesta company if you need to translate:

  • laws;
  • acts;
  • agreements;
  • contracts;
  • licenses, certificates, patents;
  • any other legal documentation.

Legal translations are performed in a short time, including tight one. All texts are checked by competent specialists - editors, proofreaders, native speakers and professional lawyers. We strive for maximum accuracy and work quickly keeping our good name and reputation earned over many years of work in the translation area.

Translations are made into English and other foreign languages. Any documents can also be translated from a foreign language into Russian. The cost will be formed depending on the language, complexity and deadlines agreed with a client. Our prices are affordable.

You can contact us by phone or e-mail or come to our office in Yekaterinburg.