Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant JSC

Letter of Recommendation

Ekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metals Processing Plant JSC has been collaborating with Avesta Translation Agency since April 2016. During this time, the translation agency's staff have translated more than 700 pages of legal and economic documentation from European and Asian languages. All services were performed at a high level in accordance with the stated deadlines.

We have experienced the reliability and high performance of Avesta Translation Agency and recommend this company as a professional partner.

A.M. Andreev, Director General


This certificate of appreciation is awarded to Alexander Sergeevich Klokunov, head of the Translation Agency Sole Proprietorship

For the assistance with the state final examination at the Institute of Foreign Languages, for the high level of professionalism in assessment of the professional competence formation level of graduating students of the IFL.

S.A. Minyurova, rector of the USPU, Doctor of Psychology, Professor

Mark Andreev

This is really quick and easy with them) I came to translate a driving licence from Armenian. They translated it really quickly, 10 minutes, without mistakes. It turned out that it is also better to translate other documents here than elsewhere, where I did before. Thank you, I'll come again.


I turned to the agency to translate my documents into Czech for a business visa. Everything was translated on time, made in accordance with the requirements and also notarized. I didn't have any problems when submitting the documents. Thank you.


This is really quick and easy with them) In the morning, you send a scan to their e-mail, and in the evening, you get the signed translation. I first translated my working documents (business correspondence with partners, travel arrangements, etc.), and last week, my child needed to translate personal documents (he travels abroad with his grandmother) - I also brought them here. They were translated promptly and with a discount.

Yulia Ledeneva

Thank you very much for your promptness and attentive attitude. I translated my child's health certificate in March. The text was in Russian, but the seals were in Kazakh. I was asked to have them translated... Everything was done in 10 minutes, and they even offered me some advice on documents. I have a long process of of obtaining citizenship, but now I know where I will come for translations)))

Lilu Zhientaeva

I ordered interpreters for an international event in Yekaterinburg for a few days, everything was great. Special thanks to interpretes Svetlana and Mikhail. Good luck to Avesta company.

Kristina Antonova

I translated my diploma from Azerbaijani into Russian. Everything was done in one day. They called, told that everything was done and I could come at a convenient time. It's very convenient. I came at lunchtime and took my translation as I work nearby. I'll come again.


At the beginning of January I had notarized translation of references and other documents done here. I was counting on five thousand, but they translated for three. Besides, they did everything quickly. I brought my documents in the morning and got them back in the evening, just because it was convenient for ME, they did everything earlier. I asked to copy some documents, which I didn't translate. I was even willing to pay, but a girl did everything for free. It's nice.

Olga Efremova

I came here yesterday to translate my documents. It's a good agency. They translated my documents quickly and inexpensively. Everything was done in the evening, but I couldn't come and asked to send the documents to my e-mail. I calmly checked everything at home and came he next day for the ready translation without wasting my time on checking. They are responsible. If there's a need, I'll turn to them.


I was obtaining citizenship and constantly had to translate all my documents. I turned here repeatedly to do everything properly. Everything was always done without mistakes.

Roman Alexandrov

I ordered interpreters for an international event in Yekaterinburg for a few days, everything was great. Special thanks to interpretes Svetlana and Mikhail. Good luck to Avesta company.


I'm a long-time customer of this agency and really satisfied. They are professionals of their business. They translate complex legal documents quickly, efficiently and at affordable prices. In the line of duty, I often need to have various contracts and agreements translated. I prefer these guys to other agencies in Yekaterinburg. Everything is always done on time, they make necessary corrections at your request and retranslate without rejection. One can pay by any means, which is also convenient, they also send all documents for our accounting. Thank you for your cooperation.

Nikolay Ermolin

I needed a translation of my diploma and its supplement into English. They made it in one day. They clearly explained everything that I doubted and immediately corrected a typo. They are customer-oriented. Well done.

Nata Gorbunova

I was vacationing in Thailand in December, got sick there and had to turn to a local hospital under insurance. I collected all the documents and went to the insurance office to obtain compensation for my expenses upon arrival at home. And then it turned out that it was not that simple - all the pay stubs, recipes and tests should be submitted with their translation into Russian by an official translator. And where can I find a Thai translator in Urengoy?? Happily, I came across the website of Avesta. They translated all my documents from the scans and sent the originals by express mail. The insurance office accepted them, everything went fine. I recommend this organization.

Alina Markova

I came to translate my passport from Armenian last week. I was very surprised that my translation has been stored in the database since 2014) 5 minutes and a 50% discount... thank you very much. If only the same positive attitude to customers was everywhere... I'll come again and more than once.


Fast and high-quality translation, very affordable prices (I came almost from the other end of the city, as the documents were needed urgently). They translated my passport on the same day, literally in 15 minutes. I'm glad that I was advised exactly this agency. Many thanks to its employees for their competence, politeness and efficiency.

Viktor Tugoukhov

There was a need to translate 120 passports of Ukrainian citizens to obtain a work permit. The guys did it in 1 day!! They also gave a good discount and advice on our following actions. I recommend.

Nadezhda Pukhova

We have been cooperating with Avesta Translation Agency for a long time. I'd like to note their high professionalism and quality of services. Translation is always made within a reasonable timeframe and for a reasonable fee. We are pleased with the possibility of remote work and a wide range of languages. We had difficult clients several times, but the bureau's experts always helped us. Thank you very much for your work.

Svetlana Legistaeva

We ordered translation of some documents for a British visa. They have nice service and very short timeframes (the documents were translated on the following day!), there are different payment methods. Thank you, we will surely turn to you again.

Electro-Izolit Trade House OOO

Electro-Izolit Trade House OOO expresses its gratitude to Avesta Translation Agency for fruitful cooperation. Avesta Translation Agency showed high professionalism in translation of various documents and a responsible approach to business. Avesta Translation Agency always translate competently and efficiently within the shortest timeframes. We recommend this company as a professional and reliable partner in the field of translation.


I had my relatives' documents translated here. Everything was done quickly, efficiently and without mistakes. Thank you very much for your professionalism and attentive attitude to clients.


This is the second time I turned to this agency. I urgently needed to translate my passport. It turned out that all the data is stored in the database, and retranslation is much cheaper. I was surprised and pleased a lot. They made it in 5 minutes, offered me coffee, unexpectedly provided advice on the order of document submission (!!!!), walked me to a lawyer to certify the translation - in general, I was in an A+ mood for the rest of the day.
So I will come back here in a month with pleasure))))


I translated, translate and will translate only in this translation agency. Excellent quality of translation, reasonable prices, polite staff. I tested myself. And I translate from other languages very often. Everything is done on time and without mistakes. It was once when they missed a letter, but I think nobody's canceled the human factor. Everything was corrected immediately. Its good location near the subway is also a big plus. I will continue to use your services.


Good afternoon. I turned to this agency, because it was the closest one to my place of residence. Although I don't have a habit to read others ' reviews, so many people, so many minds, as they say. But that's not the point right now. We ordered translations of passports, birth certificates and marriage certificates here. I can't also judge on prices, but thay made them relatively quickly and asked to check. The authorities didn't find fault with them, and that's fine. Good luck in the future.