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Avesta Translation Agency makes literary translation for professional organizations (publishing houses, media, educational institutions) and individuals.


Literary translation excludes the possibility of literal translation of a text. It requires not the standard knowledge of a language, but the ability to convey to a reader the meaning implicated in a work by its writer. When translating literature into English or any other language, a specialist should understand the author's idea and convey their mood and feelings. That is, a person should enjoy reading a book not paying attention to the fact that it is not in the original.

Such fine work is performed by our specialists who can correctly select words, make exciting descriptions, interpret material using means of expression of a language - metaphors, neologisms, dialecticisms, toponyms, self-explanatory names, comparative phrases, etc. The know jargon, dialects and idioms.

In a way, that a translator who is engaged in literary translation is in fact the same writer who can see through the text as its author.

Besides, each literary text is linked to the time of its origin, the mental characteristics of its author and its target audience. When making literary translation, it is important to preserve all this. So, if you want to translate a Russian folk song or a fairy tale for an English audience, you can simply retell the essence of the event described in it, but it will not be a literary translation. A literary translated song should preserve rhyme and folk color. It should be clear that it was written a long time ago. A translated fairy tale should preserve the respective style of narration understandable and interesting for children.


We translate Russian literature into English and German, Chinese and Japanese, as well as other popular and rare languages preserving the peculiarity of an original. We employ native speakers who have linguistic education.

Our employees have extensive experience of translation of:

  • scientific papers;
  • prose and poetry;
  • biographies and memoirs;
  • scripts and lyrics;
  • opinion journalism

You can order literary translation of materials of any volume by contacting us by phone, e-mail or coming to our office in Yekaterinburg.