Technical translation from English in Yekaterinburg

You can order a translation from English in Yekaterinburg at Avesta Agency. This is one of the most popular services because the English language is international. Wherever you go, you will be able to communicate with other people if you speak it. English is the official language in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the USA, the UK and a number of African countries.

You may need English translation services in different situations:

  • to translate correspondence with customers or partners from other countries;
  • to obtain a visa if it is necessary to translate personal documents;
  • to translate books - fiction, scientific, historical, philosophical.

We offer affordable prices and processing of your order in the shortest time agreed upon.


Avesta company has been represented in the market of translation services for more than ten years. We work with professionals who are fluent in a foreign language and easily make translation even from foreign languages into English. Finished texts are checked by a proofreader and an editor. No mistakes will pass us by.


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The price is formed depending on difficulty and urgency. We are ready to translate both literary and standard documents and specific papers - medical, technical and legal. If necessary, we will find additional information ourselves as well as clarify all possible subtleties and inaccuracies with you, take into account and be faithful to the style of an original.

You will get the final translation into Russian without errors and liberties. It will be close to the original. Simultaneous interpretation services are also provided. You can contact us and order translation by phone, email, or in person by visiting our office.


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The prices on the website are not a public offer. Once a request is made, our manager will contact you clarify the cost and time of the translation.

Our manager will contact you soon to clarify the translation details and cost.

The calculation of the translation time and cost is approximate. Please contact the managers of Avesta Translation Agency for precise calculation by phone +7 (922) 188-56-62, +7 (343) 328-56-62 or e-mail: