Order service

Avesta Translation Agency offers to order interpretation for business meetings, seminars or tours with foreign guests.


Interpretation can be simultaneous and consecutive. In the first case, an interpreter speaks simultaneously with talking guests or a speaker. For this purpose, the appropriate equipment is used. In the second case, a foreign language native speaker gives information in short phrases making pauses for interpretation. The cost of simultaneous interpretation is a little bit higher, because such work is more complicated and requires high-tech equipment. The service is ordered when there are time limits or a large number of participants are involved.

The main task of an interpreter is o clearly and correctly convey the meaning of foreign speech to the target audience. In this case, speed is essential. Our specialists have extensive experience in supporting:

  • business negotiations and project discussions;
  • presentations and exhibitions;
  • conferences and trainings;
  • tours;
  • telephone conversations and webinars;
  • stay of foreign guests.

Interpreters acquaint themselves with the theme of an event specifying specific terms and phrases in advance. Experienced professionals know the mentality and cultural features of the country from which visitors come, and take them into account during the work.


Yekaterinburg is a rapidly developing city and the business capital of the Urals. The services of professional interpreters are popular here. Partly because of this, our interpreters have the necessary experience at various international events - exhibitions, seminars, conferences, business negotiations at the highest level. We also send our interpreters on business trips to enterprises where new equipment is installed together with foreign workers.

You can come to our office or call +7 (922) 188-56-62, +7 (343) 328-56-62 to order high-quality interpretation in Yekaterinburg. It is possible to pay online or in any other way convenient for a client.