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One of Avesta Agency's activities is the translation of specific materials.


The peculiarity of the translation of such texts is that in addition to the knowledge of a language, it is necessary to know the relevant terminology. Our Agency employs not only translators, but also specialists in various fields who check the semantic component of materials. They know general abbreviations, avoid confusion in definitions and concepts.

Based on our experience, we can say that technical translation from English, German, Chinese, Turkish, Italian and Polish is in great demand in Yekaterinburg. Engineers turn to us, whose companies order foreign equipment, which does not have instructions on installation and use in Russian.

Such translation from Russian into a foreign language as the goods description and its qualitative characteristics for deliveries abroad is also in great demand. We provide technical translation preserving technical literacy and perception of the text. The value units referred to are brought in line with international designations. The terminology complexity and the work volume do not affect the quality of a final text.
Since we work in Yekaterinburg, which is the business life center of industrial Urals, we translate technical texts from various industries and for various purposes:

  • manuals for machines and equipment,
  • technical specifications,
  • certificates,
  • patents,
  • licenses,
  • drawings,
  • software interfaces.

We have extensive experience in this area, but we constantly face something new. Thus, we improve and move forward. We will be glad if our development continues thanks to you. We are sure that we can help you reach new heights in your business.

We can reveal some secrets of our skill to you beforehand:

Firstly, we work very efficiently, because our translators are subject-matter experts who translate only technical texts. They know not only how to translate a particular text, but also understand what the translation is about. All specialists have both technical and linguistic education.

Secondly, we work very quickly using certain templates for translation because technical texts are partly universal. They use the same syntax, terms, and abbreviations.


Our clients are representatives of companies from different industries such as:

  • mechanical engineering,
  • electroenergetics,
  • construction,
  • food industry,
  • chemical industry,
  • power engineering and some others.

We have experience of working urgently when starting-up and adjustment works at a huge enterprise depended on the speed of our translation, and we did not let our customers down. We would also like to draw your attention to some features of our work:

  • We will translate standard technical documentation in a short time;
  • We will notarize the signature of our translator within 15 minutes;
  • We will provide you with all the necessary reporting documents (confirmation of payment, receipt, service acceptance act, contract);
  • Payment can be made online (for both legal entities and individuals);
  • We have competitive prices. We highly appreciate out employees' work, but do not take extra money from customers.

You can order technical translation in our office, by phone or e-mail. There are various payment methods.

Yekaterinburg translation agency is always willing to cooperate with you.

Customer Service Manager
Accepts and evaluates your order
Project Manager
Coordinates the process
Prepares material for translator's work
Editor / Proofreader
Translation is checked
Translation Team
Translation is made online with automatic addition of terms
Determines which term bases will be used and appoints a translator-editor couple
Removes extra tags, carries out whether basic makeup or makeup for printing
Managing editor
Final check
The finished document comes back to the project manager and then to the customer service manager
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You get an excellent translation