Filling in forms for Residence Permit and Citizenship applications
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The service of filling papers for migrants has always been, is and will be relevant in Yekaterinburg. In AVESTA company you will get advice on the necessary documents, the service of filling out documents for a temporary residence permit, residence permit, citizenship and support of paperwork at all stages.

RVP (Temporary Residence Permit) is a confirmation of the right of a foreign citizen to reside in the Russian Federation before obtaining a permanent residence permit. The temporary residence permit is valid for three years; the extension of the temporary residence permit is not provided for by the Russian Federation laws.

VNZh (residence permit) is a document that gives foreign citizens and stateless persons the right to reside and legally work in the Russian Federation for a long time.

Сitizenship - obtaining a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation for foreign citizens.


  • Work experience over 10 years;
  • Always up-to-date forms.
  • Convenient, fast and high-quality processing of document translations and filling out applications in one place;
  • Consultation of specialists in the process of obtaining a temporary residence permit / residence permit / citizenship;
  • FREE OF CHARGE corrections in case of changes or additions in your forms.

You yourself, without any expensive intermediaries, will be able to draw up and submit documents, register at the place of residence and help your relatives in moving or finding a job.




Filling in a RVP form

2000 Rub

Filling in a VNZh form

2000 Rub

Filling in a Citizenship application form

3000 Rub

Filling in forms for children

1500 Rub