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Avesta Translation Agency in Yekaterinburg makes medical translations of texts of any complexity. We will prepare a medical translation into English or other languages, as well as translate the text from English or other foreign language into Russian quickly, professionally and inexpensively.


Tourists could need to resort to medical translation to receive insurance payments if there was an accident on vacation or they had health problems and had to turn to a doctor. Translation of medical documents is also needed for examination and treatment abroad.
It is very often that the translator's signature in a medical document translation should be certified by a notary. We can get a notarized translation in Yekaterinburg within a few minutes.

What documents require translation for treatment in foreign clinics?

  1. Results of medical examinations.
  2. Medical certificates, extracts from the patient's card.
  3. Test results.
  4. Medical assessments.
  5. Letters and bills from clinics.
  6. Instructions for medical use.
  7. Case record.

In addition, we can translate medical literature for you - articles, books, abstracts and scientific works. Our translators are ready for work of any difficulty. We employ highly qualified specialists with experience in this field. Only very few high-level specialists can translate medical texts because has a very complex nature.


Basic requirements:

  1. Know medical terms and basics of all medical and pharmacological fields;
  2. Know the features of medical documents;
  3. Be able to work on short notice;
  4. Be able to "decipher" the doctor's handwriting.

Urgent translation and translation of handwritten texts is a separate and the most complex type of medical translation. We know where to find specialists who can cope with such tasks. These specialists can be found at our agency.

What can we guarantee you in cooperation with our translation agency?

  1. We are ready to translate standard documents within 15 minutes.
  2. Notarization of the translator's signature also takes 15 minutes.
  3. Both individuals and legal entities can pay online.
  4. We sign a contract for the provision of services during one meeting, you do not have to come to us again.
  5. We work absolutely legally and are ready to provide you with the following reporting documents: confirmation of payment, receipt, service acceptance act, contract.
  6. We have humane prices and the best translators at the same time.

Medical translation should not be ordered from amateurs or people who work illegally. One misinterpreted word or misinterpreted term can cause a lot of trouble since it goes about human health and life. If such a mistake is made and entails some consequences, you will be responsible for what happened without official documents about the services of a translator.

You can place an order for medical translation at Yekaterinburg translation agency by phone or in person in our office. Contact details can be found on our website.